My Reminder to You

I thought I would add this page if you have seen me teach or have talked to me online.

I know it can be hard, I know some days you are going to struggle.  You are not alone. Try to remember that mental illness is a chronic disease.  Treat it as such.

It is okay to say “no” if you aren’t up to it.  It is good to set and hold boundaries that keep you safe. It is good to remember that you are the best advocate for you. This applies to those of us with mental illness and those who love us.

It is good to remember that what it is we do is play, not a competition, not an unattainable goal. If you are not having fun then don’t do that thing.  Find something that you enjoy and go for it.

My final reminder to you is this… Things change, don’t hold on to expectations or the thought of what you used to be able to do.  Roll with the changes and find what makes your heart soar.

Much love,


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