Naiia’s Bio and Classes

Bio: Naiia is a masochistic switch who has been in the public BDSM life for about eleven years. She started out in rope and while it continues to be something she loves her path seems to be leading her toward D/s and Leather. Naiia also has been starting to teach about the importance of addressing how age, injury, and mental health play a part in what it is we do. As Graydancer’s serva she has been demo bottom, local host, personal assistant, on-call courtesan, co-presenter and presenter to that list. Naiia has worked at events such as Shibaricon, DO Fusion, DO Surrender, DO SummerCamp, MadTownKinkFest, Ropecraft, BED, TesFest, Iowa Rope Intensive, Iowa D/s Intensive,  SINergy and many GRUEs. Naiia also co-presented and performed with Graydancer at Power Exchange Summit 2014  and Twisted Windows June 2016.

1. Pegging Sir (and Other Forms of Service Topping without Switching*)
In this class Naiia will speak of her personal experience remaining in a submissive mind-set while engaging in “dominant” activities. The class is based on the principle that no act is inherently dominant or submissive but it is the intent that matters. She will discuss ways that the submissive partner can communicate desires no matter how scary, and also discover new things their dominant partner may enjoy. The end goal is hot scenes with everyone secure in their headspace.
*not that there’s anything wrong with that.
2. Negotiation: Not for the Faint of Heart
This class is geared toward the submissive mindset. Naiia will talk about the ways in which boundaries, needs, wants, and desires can be intimidating and difficult to communicate. She will present several ideas on the responsibility and power that comes with being submissive and discuss strategies for negotiating satisfying scenes. The class will also tackle the importance being upfront about physical and mental health issues. The class will allow for discussion about identifying and meeting expectations on both sides of the power exchange.
2.5 Negotiation vs Collaboration:  Getting What You Want in Play
This class is geared toward everyone. Naiia will talk about the ways in which boundaries, needs, wants, and desires can be intimidating and difficult to communicate. She will present several ideas on the responsibility and power that comes with both the Tops and bottoms. She will discuss strategies for collaborating vs negotiating for satisfying scenes. The class will also tackle the importance being upfront about physical and mental health issues. The class will allow for discussion about identifying and meeting everyone’s expectations.
3. Bottoming For The Changing Body
We have all had those days when our bodies, for whatever reason, just won’t cooperate.  In the beginning of this class I will go over the multitude of possible reasons this kind of thing can happen. Then we will talk specifically about the changes that we face when age, weight, illness/injury, and even medications are involved. I will talk about my journey and the things that have helped or inspired me and my partner.

We all change but it doesn’t have to slow us down.

4. CBB – Decorative & Useful Ties for the Cock and Balls
Naiia will talk about one of her favorite activities: tying the cock and balls for decorative and/or evil purposes.
The class will touch on anatomy, safety and the reasons why you and your partner might want to play this way. Naiia will also talk about how to wrap your head around doing this type of play even if you identify in a submissive role.
This class will be hands-on so make sure you have something or someone to tie. Strap-ons are fine, but you will need a bio cock and balls to fully participate in all the techniques shown in the class. Naiia recommends bringing at least 8-15 feet of paracord, but feel free to bring whatever your favorite binding material may be.
5. Service Archetypes: Getting Shit Done Hot
Have you ever thought about power exchange but the M/s or D/s models just didn’t quite fit?  Why not create your own? There are many ways that we can integrate power exchange into the lives we are already leading.  Handler/pet, Boss/executive assistant, personal trainer/client.  I have never believed in the theory that I had to fit into a certain box.  So join me in talking about how to shape the box to fit our desires.
6. Rope and Mental Health
Over the last three years Naiia has been working on her mental health through various ways.  Some of these ways (like medication) have made her journey in rope seem almost impossible.  In this class she will discuss the practices she has adopted to help her learn to deal with pain, disappointment and ultimately some of the lies depression tells her. She will discuss finding her peace in and love of rope again.
7. Learning to Negotiate and Communicate Better During Troubled Times:  The beginning of this class will focus on negotiating from the Dominant side to figure out what are needs, wants and desires and the difference between them.  The second part of the class with focus on how we can learn to communicate better with your submissive when things change, are difficult or need to end.  How to do these with grace and presence so both parties can minimize the negative feelings.
Classes that Graydancer and I co-present (I can break these classes down for submissives if you want):
“Show me that you love me by beating me like you hate me.” – Cherry Doll.There is a lot of focus on trust in D/s relationships, but there’s another quality that is necessary for intimacy: the discomfort and risk of vulnerability for both sides of the power exchange. Can you risk being all of yourself, even the parts that you aren’t proud of? Can you still believe your partner will love you even after they know you? Authenticity carries risk. This class explores some of the barriers to intimacy, including things we often substitute for the scary feeling of “being in the mess together”. Drawing on the work of experts on vulnerability such as Brené Brown as well as hard-learned personal experience, Graydancer leads the discussion of how to take the plunge and fully realize the potential of an intimate D/s relationship.

Many of Graydancer’s relationships have been with partners who lived hundreds of miles away. Over the years he and his partners developed strategies, rituals, and habits to help cultivate intimacy over distance. This class explores these practices as well as opportunities for service, sexual enjoyment, and the foundations for the transitioning to Very Close relationships if that’s where your paths lead. Graydancer explains the how’s and why’s and the principles behind them, giving you the ability to apply them to your own relationship if you choose and possibly leverage the power of distance to paradoxically increase the intimacy between you and your partner in power exchange.

The Rigger Wore Chaps: Rope, Leather, & D/s 
This class will start by exploring the history and myths of both leather and rope communities, as well as the traditions and values they share – or don’t. We will also look at the various kinds of roles and relationships that have developed in the communities and the way they intersect – from basics like tops, bottoms and switches to more specialized relationships like “rope bunnies”, “nawashi”, “Master”, etc. Once this groundwork is covered Gray and Naiia will talk about the practical aspects of having a foot in both worlds, and both give examples and invite suggestions about the problems and solutions that might come up.
Ritual and Rope:  
“Mindfulness”, “Awareness”, “Connection” – these are all words that are used a lot in the rope community. This is a class that tries to go beyond the buzzwords and into practical reasons why your rope scenes can be hotter, safer, and taken to the next level (wherever that is for you). Combining Naiia’s woo with Graydancer’s skepticism the class will cover meditation techniques, the value of checklists, leveraging power exchange, and learning why habit can be dangerous. We will also provide examples of rope rituals that have and haven’t worked and provide you with the tools to create and optimize your own.